Angie Klinefelter offers Central Minnesota families a tremendous gift by sharing her parenting advice on

-Christa Ogilvy
Site Coordinator

If you're raising a child, we make it easier to raise your hand for help.

Every parent has questions, and even though it might feel like you want to raise a white flag and surrender, we have the answers to help you raise great kids.

Parenting Puzzles partners with parents and other caregivers in Central Minnesota to provide the kind of knowledge and support that enhances your confidence and improves your ability to make informed parenting decisions. We work from a foundation of compassion, consistency and respect, and together we explore practical and long-lasting solutions to your unique family needs.

We believe:

  • Parenting is a learning process
  • Change is a constant reality when caring for children
  • Parenting is the most important, challenging and satisfying job in the world
  • Parents are their children's first and most valuable teachers
  • Families should have access to parenting education and support that promotes connection, cooperation and guidance

This is Parent Coaching, and this is what we'll bring you. It's not a one-size-fits-all service, it's a customized resource designed to help you build healthy, long-term, parent/child connections.

Parenting Tip:

Tell children what they can do when they are mad and frustrated. It helps them feel some control over such a powerful emotion.